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Uposhom will help you to get appointments with leading doctors in their field. We will do all the calls and fixing dates to get you the appointment you need.


Visa Assistance

Uposhom will help to get your Visa a quick approval. We will guide you with all the forms and document submissions and assist in hurrying up the bureaucratic process.


Services at Hospitals

Uposhom has tie-ups with the leading hospitals of the world. With us, you can get access to top medical facilities at the best of hospitals.


Ambulance and hotels

Uposhom will provide you comfortable accommodation in good hotels that are close to hospitals. Ambulance service will always be available for any emergency situation during the stay.

Why Uposhom

Healthcare services in Bangladesh are still not advanced enough. Leaving no stone unturned when your loved one is sick, it is quite natural to explore medical services outside of Bangladesh. With Uposhom, we try to make your quest easier. We assist you with getting in touch with state-of-the-art hospitals and reputed doctors. We arrange travelling and accommodation for your stay, so you can solely concentrate on the healing part.

• To provide end-to-end solution for medical travel
• To ensure that the patient and the family have a comfortable stay on their visit
• To make the healing experience as comfortable as possible

Because it offers a one-stop solution. Starting from making doctor appointments to travel booking, providing accommodation to arranging transport, Uposhom does it all. With the planning done, patients and family can concentrate on the healing side of it.

Often confused of the authenticity and reliability when it comes to medical treatment? Uposhom builds a bridge between the customer and the medical faculties. No hidden costs, no uncertified doctors, no incorrect billing, no extra hospital charges, and other such nuisances you’re always scared about.

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Uposhom is a one-stop solution for the people of Bangladesh to avail the best of foreign medical treatment. We give you access to leading hospitals and reputed doctors, and also arrange tour plans while your stay.
Get in touch with us and we will help you to get the best medical treatment possible!

  India Office:

P-445 Hemanta Mukhopadhya Sarani

4th Floor, Kolkata, 700029, India

T: +91 98302 25275 / +91 33 4604 5080

  Bangladesh Office:

House 133/A

Road 3. Niketan Dhaka

T: +88 01949010101